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Welcome to Washington Electric Cooperative! Whether you're establishing service at an existing location or building a new home or structure, we're glad to have you as part of our cooperative. Review the information below to determine your correct path to cooperative membership. 

Establishing service at an existing location

To establish service at an existing location, please contact our office. If you've never had service with Washington Electric, you'll also need to complete a membership application and new member data form

Building a new home or structure

Step 1: To establish service at a location that does not have an existing meter, we ask that you supply some specific information about your location and energy needs. Before calling our office, please review the following questions you will be asked about your planned construction project. 

Step 2: The next step is to meet with our field engineer at the building site to review the options for service installation. The following must be complete prior to scheduling the meeting: 

  • All buildings must be staked and the location of the load center in the home must be known. 
  • The driveway must be marked
  • The location of the septic/leech field and well must be approved by the governing county (and preferably staked)
  • If service is to a mobile home, the Ohio Mobile Home Commission Permit should already be started


We also need to know:

  • The specific address for the building location
  • The pole number of the nearest Washington Electric utility pole
  • Size of the home or structure
  • Type of heating (electric, gas, propane, fuel oil)
  • Type of appliances (electric, gas)
  • If there are plans for any future structures on the property

The field engineer will provide you with options and a service entrance specification sheet that shows how the service should be installed, a contribution-in-aid-to-construction quote (if applicable), spec drawings and instructions on how to proceed of any further steps are necessary. Please bring a copy of the deed or survey to this meeting for easement purposes. 

If aid-to-construction is required, a quote will be provided. Service will not be installed until all required easements, government permits, and aid-to-construction (if applicable) are obtained/paid. 

Step 3: Any additional construction or other issues (such as tree trimming) must be completed before electric service installation is scheduled. The field engineer will advise you of any potential issues. 

Step 4: Once all of the above steps are complete, Washington Electric crews will build the line, set the meter and energize the new service. 


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