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Dual Fuel Heat Pump Rebates

Dual Fuel is nothing more than coupling an add-on heat pump to your propane, oil, or natural gas heating system. The heat pump cools your home in the summer and provides 60% - 70% of your home's heat in the other months, a potential savings of $300-$500 annually over conventional heating. The Cooperative offers a $400 rebate on new electric heat pumps applied to an oil, gas or propane furnace. Split systems must be at least 14.5 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER)  and 8.2 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). Single package system requirements are 14.0 SEER and 8.0 HSPF.


In order to qualify for either rebate, you must permit the Cooperative to install a radio-controlled switch on the unit These switches are provided and installed by the co-op at no cost. The switch cycles the cooling compressor on the unit during times of peak energy demands, which are typically from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. on only a few summer days. Essentially, the switch “shuts off” your compressor for a brief period of time. This does not control your thermostat or air handler, or harm your cooling system. It simply cycles the compressor of your cooling unit for brief periods of time. Cool air continues to circulate through your home. Cycling periods are so brief that current program participants rarely experience a change in comfort.


To apply or for more information, please contact our Member Services Department. 

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