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Levelized (Budget) Billing

The following are terms and requirements for members requesting enrollment in the levelized (budget) billing program:

1. Levelized billing calculations are subject to:

  • Monthly service charge
  • Outdoor lighting charge
  • Increase in electricity use
  • Adjustments due to bill corrections


2. Levelized bills are recalculated monthly and will vary slightly each month due to seasonal change.


3. The member (consumer) must have been a member of Washington Electric Cooperative for the past 12 consecutive months at the same residence.


4. Members will be removed from the levelized billing program if:

  • The member misses a payment by the scheduled due date; or
  • At the member's request. 

Please note: If a member is removed from the levelized billing program for any reason, the account balance becomes due.


5. If removed from the levelized billing program, the member may not re-enroll in the program for a period of six months. 


For more information or to enroll, please contact our office. Click here to download the application form

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